Repair Terms & Conditions

Any faults detected on the device should be notified within 7 days of fault being found

  1. Warranty does not cover accidental or external damage
  2. Receipt must be produced as proof of warranty, Mobile 360 does not take responsibility for lost or illegible receipts.
  3. Water damage devices are not covered by any warranty
  4. Warranty applies from the date of receipt for 6 months on most repairs.
  5. – Batteries  are subject to 3 month warranty only
  6. -Brands other than Apple (ex. Samsung, Oppo, Oneplus) are 3 months warranty only
  7. Mobile 360 can not be held responsible for any cosmetic damage that may happen in the course of the repair
  8. If a secondary fault is discovered after the repair, Mobile 360 will examine the device free but may charge depending of the fault
  9. If device is worked on / opened by any third party after repair the warranty is void- Mobile 360 Can not be held responsible for any loss of data
  10. Mobile 360 reserves the right to not complete any repair and can not be held responsible to “time lost”
  11. Mobile 360 may use new, used or reconditioned parts to conduct a repair
  12. Parts replaced by Mobile 360 becomes Mobile 360 property and the replacement part becomes your property
  13. If you and Mobile 360 agreed to return replaced part to you, you agree to pay Mobile 360 the cost of the replacement item in addition to any other charges for the repair service.
  14. An inspection fees of $79 is prepaid if services such as inspection only requires, or parts provided by customer, or time taken from technision and repair is declined.
  15. Glass only repairs, may result of imperfection on the screen – in condition that it dose not effect the use of the phone or discolour the screen- considered a non functional, as is not covered under warranty