Screen Repair

Do you have a cracked screen you need replaced?  Have you researched it online and watched videos on how to do this?  Have you considered buying the “Screen” online and doing the replacement yourself, or taking it to a repair shop to have them do it with what you bought?  There are several problems and issues with those two scenarios that everyone should know about.

Thing to know about is that some people online offer to sell you both pieces, or even adhered assemblies, cheaply.  This is also misleading.  If these parts are cheap, it’s for a reason, and “buyer beware”.  Some repair places will take what you have purchased and put it on your device for you, but there is never a guarantee that it will work.  Either one of the pieces, separately or in an assembly, could be defective, and unfortunately they usually are if they’re cheap.  Also, if you have separate pieces and the adhesion is done wrong, it can also cause problems.  In either case, you’ll be stuck paying for a whole new repair!  The phrase, “you get what you pay for”, is very true in this industry!

Please go to a reputable repair shop, that will warranty their repairs!  Allow us to fix your device with a properly adhered assembly, that we have purchased from our trusted supplier.  We have the knowledge and equipment to make certain that no damage is done inside your device during the repair, and you’ll know that your repair and new parts are warrantied against defects.  It doesn’t take much to damage the internal components, and a reputable repair place will make certain that doesn’t happen to you.  There’s no way to know for sure if the parts you buy on the internet are really new, or are actually used, or even knowingly defective when you buy them, no matter what they claim.  If something goes wrong, it’s easy for them to claim that the problem was caused by whoever did the repair, and unfortunately there’s no way to prove how or when the damage was done.  With a warrantied repair like we offer, done with parts purchased by the repair shop, it doesn’t matter when the defect/problem “happened”, if something is wrong…it gets fixed!  So bring us your broken devices, here at Mobile 360 in Sydney, and we’ll make sure it’s done RIGHT!  We’re here to serve YOU!!

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